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5 Books on how to become a lawyer

Aristotle said that “the law is reason without passion, and become a lawyer was the career destination for young people from all walks of life for centuries. It is no coincidence that most of the main political leaders over the past 300 years had their academic and professional grounding in the law-George Washington may have been the first President, however the tendency for lawyers to be selected as the nation’s leader is clear-John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison (who studied law but never passed the bar) and the list goes on.

Becoming a lawyer is rightly seen as a springboard for a successful and wealthy future or as a springboard into many other careers in politics and public service and trade both at home and abroad. The practice and law enforcement permeates every aspect of society and no lawyer specializing in all the law-so how do you choose the right path for you?

Become a lawyer: a humanistic perspective on legal education and professionalism
By Elizabeth Dvorkin

Many are attracted to the practice of the law, because they see the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a fairer and righteous society. The civil rights movement transformed American society, but it was the lawyers who worked inside and outside the courts which made it possible to move forward reforms.

This book uses the most closed chapters to discuss and explore issues of Humanities that are followed by comments by many lawyers to marry their views on what it means to be a lawyer in the context of the issues raised by that chapter. This book also covers how to take a humanistic approach in career choice and through a legal education of lawyers, enhance the reputation of the profession, individual lawyers and for society as a whole.

Law School Confidential (revised edition): a complete guide to the law school experience: by students, for students
By Robert H. Miller

What it’s really like during those three hard years of law school? This book answers many of the questions that a potential candidate will have law school about what’s really going on in a variety of law schools, all over the country. How important it is to find legal work experience through internship? What you can expect from the first days of law school? What are the real-life experiences of law school students, as you go through three years of intense study? Which attributes a candidate must get through law school?

For all these problems and more, this is a great source of information and advice.

Careers in law
By Gary Munneke

This book is aimed at those thinking of attending law school, law school graduates and new lawyers looking for advice and guidance. What marks this book is like dealing with specific areas of the legal profession and the covering of the inside of their careers.

Other areas of law and its application require training and experience of several specialists, and this book shows how you can customize their experience of law school is placed in the best position for the admission to the preferred field. There is also excellent coverage of professional and personal requirements that are placed on lawyers who work in specific fields within the profession and trade, industry and public services.

The call of the law: why do people become lawyers, and what makes the profession to them
By Richard Moll

This is written and released in early 1990 and based on the author’s experience as Dean of admissions at a major law school. In some respects it is dated and the comment isn’t that a lawyer by himself, but in some respects that helps. People who want to follow the law as a career so for a variety of reasons, but how many are actually lawyers have achieved what they originally set out to do? How many lawyers are really happy with their careers after years of building their reputation and reach their positions? The practice of law change as a person, and if so, this is for the best?

A thought provoking comment on lawyers and legal careers should be made compulsory reading before admission to law school.

Becoming a trial lawyer
Steven Grossman

For those embarking on a legal career, most aspire to become one of the Ninja of the profession-lawyer legal proof.

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