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How do Topic-Wise preparation for CFA Level 1 attempt June 2012

Corporate finance:
Corporate finance in my opinion is one of the themes more scores level examination. You can expect between 5-10 per cent of the questions in this section. For starters, corporate finance, you must first understand the value of money from quantitative section very well. If you haven’t done that please go and finish that first and then come back to this section.

Once launched, the initial 15-20% of the curriculum would be pretty self incubation; It will be followed and quant section. However, after you learn the important concept of evaluation that are more concepts of corporate finance, capital structure and weighted average cost. The issues of leverage and dividends, these were a part of the curriculum of two previous level, but given that the last 2 tests that are now a part of the level 1 business finance. Understand them well, the questions are relatively simple. Are quantitative and analytical in nature. So if you know your concepts and methodology is very hard to get them wrong.

Contradictory economy to popular myth, in my opinion is the most interesting and one of the most difficult topics in the curriculum. The a level curriculum tries to begin with the basics and wants to do an economist in any law, since they are through reading all sections of the curriculum. The full range of supply demand economy, micro economics at macro economy and monetary fiscal policy falls within the curriculum of one level. So my advice would be to try and read all the concepts and think about all the concepts, as you can see applied in the real world. No harm to take a video from a good supplier of preparation or through other sources to understand the concepts. It’s got about 10 percent age weight examination. However there is an entire book devoted to the economy so you really need to think deeply to understand these concepts well to be able to respond right at the examination.

Ethics is the weakest part of the examination. Ethics is the only part of the CFA curriculum that remains constant in all 3 levels so we study the same exact things. Please do not have misconceptions that you’re a good person and you’re a person of life ethics, so you will score well in the ethics section because you have to be ethical according to ethical definitions of CFA institute. Be sure not to take this section slightly. It’s going to be very boring when you read for the first time, but reading and remembering that the exact section isn’t going to help a lot. The only way to master the ethics section is practice, practice and more practice. So in this case I am going to advise students to refer to a good Bank demand for a good supplier of preparation and use it to the Max.

Equity investment:
Equity investment is a subject score as whoever is interested in equity markets in recent days. Is an interesting topic that tells you how to add value and how to decide which investment and one to avoid. To prepare, read before your concepts and practice as much as you can. It is a straight forward argument, in my opinion and scoring. About a 10-15 percent of the questions are in a level examination from this topic. So can help you score if understand this topic.

Fixed income securities:
New level one has a more fundamental aspects of fixed-income securities. So the basics of evaluation co, durability and sensitivity are being covered. There will be a lot of terminologies on fixed income markets. It can be a bit painful but you have to take no less. It builds a solid foundation for the level 2 and level 3, where it becomes greatly evolved on level one. So a lot of the basics and a lot of technical jargons that students would remember but concepts of assessments may not be very difficult.

Dairy Products:
Derivatives is still an overview topic. If you’re new to finance you can find this topic to be very confused. Then make sure you understand very well the concept. Some derivative derivation may seem be occult, if you are reading for the first time thus still see videos from a good supplier of preparation for this purpose. Derivative is a weak section for lots of students, especially for students who do not have experience in finance. Go right from the basics, understand step by step and take your time on this section and there is no need to rush.

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