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Choosing SEO keywords to target, Penguin Post

It could be argued that the most important factor for a successful marketing campaign online be the keywords that you choose. It should not be a long process, but you want to make sure you do it right, because it will affect the entirety of your next campaign.

There are generally two rules to follow as gold.

Primarily target keywords “purchaser”.
Have a large enough variety of pages of keyword targeting to provide a quality experience for visitors, as well as the Google bot.
Let’s take a closer look at what we mean by keywords “purchaser”. These are what you’d expect someone to try if you had already decided to purchase a product. This is very different from “information-seekers”, still in the process of evaluating different elements, or are just randomly searching. This is a great distinction. You should know that many people use the internet only for read or search occasionally, and that keywords that use these people are very different than those people who are actually trying to buy something.

For example, some keywords easy go to buyer are the product name, model number or something starting with “as”. So if you’re building a site of keyboards, you could assign keywords like “Yamaha YPG-635″ instead of “best keyboard”, although “best” keyboard gets more searches per month,. because you know that people looking for a product name or much more likely to be looking for actually making a purchase to those just looking for keyboards in General “how to” keywords usually apply when promote eBooks, guides, ClickBank products, etc.

And here we come to our second point. There might be a catch. Generally you don’t want your site to be built entirely around buyer keywords. Imagine a site with keyboard only pages product names and then imagine a keyboard site with landing pages for some names of products, but also with pages with keyboard lessons, tips, tutorials, demos, etc. The second site will be, first of all, score better with the Google bot and thus get higher SEO ranking, but also simply provide a much better quality site for visitors to explore and ultimately confidence, re-visit and spread.

Keywords buyer should be your first priority. Once you have these down, try to think just like many other keywords that you could add to the pages of your site that provides a quality experience for visitors. Imagine yourself as a target audience-what else would you know? Adding relevant, useful content for your site are just as important as the content that will sell products to you.

Most of your link building and other SEO focus should stay with the keywords of the buyer, but quality content are the utmost concern of Google, especially after updating Panda. Systems like auto blogs are pretty much dead. High-quality content is the key to a successful site!

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